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Heading for Twinning association

The Gorseinon & Llwchwr District has been officially Twinned with Ploermel in Brittany since 1993.

The initial contacts and visits by individuals and families has now expanded into educational and sporting links between schools and sports clubs in both communities. It is the aim of our Association and our sister organisation in Ploermel, Les Amis de Gorseinon et Llwchwr to extend these contacts to include music, art, dance and drama and to develop new links between all parts of our Communities especially our young people. We have financially contributed to the hosting costs of the Penyrheol Swimming Club, when their counterparts came over from Ploermel.

Social evenings are organised in our district and new friendships have been made within our own area with everyone having a good time.

The Association also organises visits to Ploermel and hosts similar visits by our Breton friends.

Membership of the Association is open to everyone in the Community whether as individuals, families, clubs, schools, businesses or any other.

Why not join/re-join us and experience the fun and friendships that current members enjoy, here and in Ploermel.

Get more information by contacting:

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